Dating Advice For Guys – Major Mistakes Men Make On Dates

On a date, guys will attempt all kinds of things when he feels a woman's interest level in him is dwindling. I'm about to tell you some desperate methods guys use on dates when they sense that she's not into him. If you use any of them, STOP immediately!

Acting Too Cool

When sensing a woman is not really feeling him, some guys turn into Mr. too cool for the situation. They try to brag about all the women they get. They start to get really cocky and arrogant. They hope that by being this cool guy, the girl will say, "Wow, I thought he was a dud. hot! ". WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG. Do you want to know what they are really thinking? "Oh my God this is pathetic. He saw that I was finding him dull and now he's switched up his whole persona to try and get me to like him. Women know exactly what you are trying to do when you pull this act so do not do it!

Searching For Pity

Sometimes a guy will just blatantly bring up the fact that the girl does not seem interested in him. He'll start putting his head down and looking down and acting like a sick puppy dog. Let me give a huge piece of advice – She's not going to sleep with you because she feels bad for you. Never use the pity approach. By admitting that you notice she's not interested in you before she says it, you'll seem extremely self conscious and destroy any slight chance you have left.

Acting Totally Disinterested

Another mechanism that guys employ when are girl has lost interest in him is to prepare that they are not interested in her either. Guess what, she's not fooled. She has not forgotten that a few minutes ago you were all over her.

Getting Wild

This is one that always makes me laugh. A guy who turns into Mr. Wild when expecting to gain back her attention. He assures that if he gets totally crazy, she'll start to see him as a fun, wild guy and be attracted to it. He starts doing all kinds of show-off acts like slamming shots, dancing like a maniac and all kinds of other stupid things. Do you know what she sees? A total sucker. She knows exactly what has happened. She remembers that you were Dud for the first half of the date. She realizes that you must have sensed her disinterest and now you've gone to extreme, ridiculous measures to get her attention back. Either that or she'll think you just really drunk and sloppy. Either way – you're not getting laid!

Do not bother with any of the attempts I've mentioned above. They do not work! If you watch reality dating shows you see pathetic guys resorting to these methods all the time. Actually, it's a good idea to study reality dating shows. If watch these shows enough you start to pick up on things that guys do wrong on dates. I remember when they used to air the dating shows Elimidate, The 5th wheel, Shipmates and Blind Date on in a row every night. I used to watch all of them whenever I could to study exactly what guys did wrong in different dating situations.

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