How to Obtain Permanent Dominion Over Poverty

Poverty can be described as a state of lack. An individual who can not feed, cloth or house his / her family can be referred to as been poor. Although this term has a relative connotation, it is generally considered as an unacceptable situation.

When God created man in his own image and likeness, he commanded man to have dominion over all things on earth, and this includes having dominion over poverty. The word of God is very clear on the subject of prosperity: "behold I wish above all things that you may proper". Poverty does not define, rather it brings a man into a state of shame and disgrace.

When a man is afflicted with this unwanted yoke, it brings with it, a negative impact which must be consistent with every ounce of strength one canter. This is to ensure that poverty does not find a home in our life. it must leave and vacate to give room for prosperity to flow in. What then are the causes of poverty?

  • laziness
  • curse
  • war / famine
  • mismanagement of resources
  • negative mindset
  • lack of knowledge

I have seen families wallowing in poverty and lack and the sight can often be disheartening. It negates the plan and desire of the Almighty God for his children. One very worried attribute of this monstrous problem, is the fact that millions of children are adversely affected and the implication is that that they struggle to complete their education.
Some who are not so lucky succumb to one form of disease or the other. The worst hits are those who are forced into child labor and prostitution, because their parents can not afford to cater for them.

How then can one overcome this scourge?

through hard work
Hard work is one of the keys through which the door of prosperity can be opened. When you diligently work toward a goal without wavering, you will certainly achieve.

through obedience to God
God hates disobedience, and will not hesitate to punish those who are disobedient. The yoke of poverty can however be destroyed through obedience to God. When we follow after his instruction, he promised to open his treasure and pour us blessings from above.

One of the main reason why some individuals wallow in poverty, is because they are too stingy. The more we give out, the more God will give to others. It is a divine law that can not be broken. Bill Gate, one of the richest men ob earth is a living testimony of this awesome strategy.

Diligence is the ability to start a thing and end it well. When an individual is always ready to put his / her best into any task, no matter how little it is, it will pave the way for prosperity to flow into his / her life.

aggressive prayers
There are some stubborn poverty that will not go except through aggressive prayers. The enemy desires that you go about begging for bread, but with boldness and faith go before God in prayers and wait upon him until yours breakthrough comes. Prayer is a powerful weapon that can destroy strongholds and all forms of limiting factors in our life.

Source by Clement Sadjere

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